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120 Night In-Home Comfort Trial
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Sleep Dot - Sleepace monitor


In today’s busy life, most people are used to waking up sleep-deprived every day. Our sleep quality is often adversely affected by noise pollution and poor bedtime habits. With the Sleep Dot, you can know, and better your sleep quality. This pebble-sized device clips onto the outer corner of your pillowcase with a magnet. Gone are the days of wearing annoying sleep monitors for accurate measurements!

The Sleep Dot is superior in its ability to monitor your sleep phases. It determines sleep quality through a state of the art microphone and motion sensor. As a bonus, this little smart device monitors room temperature and humidity. This feature enables it to determine how and why your sleep quality can be affected.

Know Your Sleep

With the Sleepace Sleep Dot monitor, you can have the ins and outs of your sleep cycle at your fingertips. This device monitor sounds and your body movement to determine sleep cycles and sleep time. The collected data is sent to your smartphone to the synced Sleepace app. There you can view your sleep reports and receive sound sleep advice. Additionally, you can share this information with your family and friends to keep them in the loop of your sleep time whereabouts.

Improve Your Sleep

Not only will you know your sleep with the Sleep Dot, but your sleep quality is also automatically improved. Considering your sleep data, the Sleep Dot provides you with expert advice on how to better your sleep quality.

Furthermore, the device monitors your sleep during the night and cleverly adapts to your sleep needs. This means that when you’re sleeping too light, the monitor will play sounds to send you off into a deeper sleep.

When it’s time to wake, it’ll play you soothing sounds to wake you smoothly and peacefully. These sounds played come from the patented Della sleep aid music, specifically crafted for the Sleep Dot. Through this aid, you will fall asleep faster and wake up smoother – refreshed for the new day! 

A Short Summary

-          A simple clip-on device, non-wearable.

-          Monitors sleep

-          Improves sleep quality

-          Long battery life

-          Syncs reports to app

-          Sleep advice through app

-          Fall asleep and wake up more easily

-          Patented sleep music

-          Measures temperature and humidity.