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120 Night In-Home Comfort Trial
120 Night In-Home Comfort Trial
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Enjoy Active Support Technology manufactured by the best of European factories. This all-foam, most-advanced sleep system encapsulates muscle recovery, recuperation and rejuvenation all in a night’s rest. Make your hours of sleep count with the amazing Kooi Body Trainer, built with the high-performance athlete in mind.

Comfort level 5 – Plush

Ideal for the following Sleeping Styles:
  • Side sleepers
  • Back sleepers

Incredible Support Core

Active Spine technology makes this sleeper perfect for regenerative sleep, night after night.  The beauty of this mattress is its ability to micro-adjust in response to your movements. This is made possible because of the flexible and very elastic pure High-Resilén foam along with the 3D designs integrated into the mattress core, supported by a base of high density bonded foam. These flexible 3D-shaped support layers gently stretch the spine, easing tension in the muscles.  The Resilén foam is also infused with natural, renewable soya oil to encourage peaceful sleep.

More than Comfort Layers

The cubed Viscoppper top layer brings many added benefits. Microparticles of bio-healthy materials are incorporated into this high-density viscoelastic foam. Fine particles of Tourmaline benefit circulation and stimulate cell vitality. The Copper particles make an excellent bactericide, while the fine graphite particles dissipate heat and act as a protective shield against electromagnetic waves from WiFi, Bluetooth and 5G. Reduce exposure to these waves and experience less interference of sleep and your nervous system if you are electro-sensitive. Viscoppper has been found to facilitate falling asleep in persons suffering from insomnia. Designed to boost the immune system, this mattress can do just that as it improves your quality of sleep.

Cool, Washable Fabric Cover

Breathable and cool to the touch, finally a fabric mattress cover that can easily be unzipped and washed. Enjoy fresher, more hygienic sleep.

Certified Non-toxic Materials

The flexible High-Resilén foam layers are Oeko-Tex certified to be safe and non-toxic for all, including babies.

Kooi Body Trainer Summary:

  • Pure High-Resilén foam layers without calcium fillers
  • Viscoppper top with bio-healthy microparticles of copper, tourmaline and graphite
  • 3D-shaped foam infused with soya oil for refreshing sleep
  • Incredible support core with micro-adjusting active spine technology
  • Oeko-Tex certified non-toxic materials
  • Zero movement transfer
  • Machine-washable hygienic fabric cover
  • Comfort level 5 - Plush
  • Most suitable for back and side sleepers
  • Non-turn comfort
  • Mattress height of 300mm
  • Unlimited Weight Capacity
  • 3 year guarantee
  • 25 year service warranty