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Our journey began exactly where all good stories do. It started between two businessmen in 2006. Jannie Breedt and Zaach Smith had an extraordinary dream, a dream to revolutionise sleep. In their search for excellence, they decided to take the sleep revolution a step further. Their ultimate goal is to transform and advance individual sleeping experiences. Furthermore, they have a passion for enhancing and improving sleeping patterns of High-Performance Athletes.

Kooi Beds is not just another ordinary bed brand. It is an extraordinary and exclusive range of beds and mattresses meticulously designed for athletes. To fit the nature of our niche market, it is vital that Kooi Mattresses should also feel good. Furthermore, the bed should be visually appealing. Kooi Mattresses had to look good – yes, just like a High-Performance Athlete. Also, we strive to ensure legitimacy by only using the finest materials in our manufacturing process.

To achieve perfection, we recruited the perfect man, ex-Springbok Captain, Jannie Breedt to work alongside business owner, Zaach Smith (both men have worked closely together since 2006). Jannie’s expertise – since the year 2000 – as a mattress designer and producer tied perfectly into our – and his own – sports philosophy. Zaach Smith – Entrepreneur and E-Business owner – also boasts with all of the qualities essential to our winning mentality. Together these legendary men combined their experiences and knowledge to create the perfect Pure Foam Mattress Range.

Overcoming Hurdles

Although we merged the perfect design and business team. Few hurdles still remained. The main challenges we faced included: Sleeping Style Difference, Personal Preference and Individual Budget. Since catering for High Performance Athletes is essential, our team decided to construct three different mattresses with three distinct Comfort Ratings: Firm, Medium and Plush. In doing so, we solved the personal preference and sleeping style problem at once. Our creative team also took this opportunity to uniquely identify each different Comfort Level: the Firm is red, the Medium is neon yellow and the Plush is light blue.

Made for Athletes

Made for athletes by athletes. At Kooi we understand the needs of high profile individuals. Individuals who live demanding lifestyles require excellence and perfection. Jannie Breed and Zaach Smith’s 2006 dream became a reality in 2018 with the launch of the Pure Foam Kooi Range. We believe that we can make your dreams sweet and your victories even sweeter!

When you travel as much as I do, it is so important to get a good night’s sleep. I never knew a bed could be so high tech but my bed does it all especially after a hard day’s training. I wake up energized and ready to take the day on, thanks to my Kooi High-Performance bed. A must-have addition to my high-performance lifestyle.

Steven Kitshoff, Springbok Rugby Player