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120 Night In-Home Comfort Trial
120 Night In-Home Comfort Trial
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Featuring reliable posture support, complete motion isolation, amazing body contouring ability and outstanding product longevity, this highly sought-after sleep solution complements main bedrooms as well as guest facilities far and wide. Known for providing rejuvenating sleep for active people. Kooi Beds once again delivers the goods with the Hospitality Gentle, targeting especially guest and master suite usage. When you consider superior durability and quality you can count on, it's no wonder Kooi foam beds have become a preferred choice. Why not begin right now and gift your family and friends with a better night’s sleep?

Comfort level 3 – Medium 

Suitable for the following Sleep Styles:
  • Back sleepers
  • Side sleepers
  • Stomach sleepers

Multi-layered Foam Core

Offering 230mm of ultra-snug, multi-layered foam comfort, the Kooi Hospitality Gentle provides soothing support and incredible pressure relief. The combination of a firm, high-density foam support core, along with plush comfort layers gives an optimum balance between strength and luxurious comfort for an amazing night’s sleep.

Durable Hospitality-Grade Panels

Built to last, the Kooi Gentle has hospitality-grade circular knit fabric panels above and beneath. This keeps the mattress looking fantastic while assisting it to withstand rigorous daily use. The flexible and breathable nature of the knit fabric enhances the superior design and overall product comfort. No wonder this mattress is a popular, long-lasting choice for both home and guest facilities. 

Sturdy Jacquard Borders

Adding to the reliability of the dense foam of the mattress itself are the specially selected finishing touches. The highly suitable non-quilted Jacquard fabric not only increases the appeal of the mattress, but its heavy-duty nature ensures greater product longevity despite frequent wear and tear.

Conveniently Packaged

This mattress is packaged in a compressed and rolled format for convenience when it comes to transportation and handling, making the transition to better sleep even easier. Thanks to the foam’s ability to maintain its shape over time, the Kooi Hospitality Gentle will offer long-lasting support and consistent comfort for years to come.

Summary of Kooi Hospitality Gentle Mattress:

  • Comfort level 3 – Medium
  • Suitable for all sleeping styles
  • Quality high-density pure foam multi-layered mattress
  • Hospitality-grade circular knit fabric panels
  • Heavy-weight non-quilted Jacquard fabric borders
  • Complete motion isolation
  • Conveniently compressed and rolled for easy transporting
  • Recommended maximum weight of 110 kg per person
  • Mattress height of 230mm
  • 15-year warranty
  • 2-year guarantee