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120 Night In-Home Comfort Trial
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A fantastic piece of bedroom furniture, the Kooi Hospitality Mattress! Do not let the name fool you though. The Kooi Hospitality Mattress is not only meant for the hospitality industry. It is also meant to fulfill all of your sleeping needs right in the middle of your own bedroom. The fact that it is named the Hospitality just goes to show how grand this mattress really is. If it is good enough for a five-star hotel, it is certainly good enough for you!

The Kooi Hospitality Mattress
A luxuriously made mattress with a pure foam core that provides ample support and comfort, the Hospitality is perfect for people that want to sleep well. And here is the thing, all of you should want to sleep well because if you sleep well, your standard of living just goes up and up. In fact, if you sleep well constantly, you might feel like you are on holiday. And also, living in a hotel all of the time.

Anti-Allergenic materials
Surrounding the allergen-free pure foam layer in the centre of the mattress, you’ll find a perfectly soft layering of quilted, soft-knit fabric that is cool to the touch and provides the mattress with a breathable surface so that it can last longer. 

High-density foam layering
The high-density foam layering in the Hospitality will shape to every contour of your body to provide the ultimate support and pressure relief throughout the night. It also absorbs all of your movement, so if you have a partner that likes tossing and turning in his/her sleep, you won’t even feel it! With a carrying capacity of 110 kg per side, this mattress can support a lot without showing signs of indentation or sag. 

Bed in a plastic
Sporting a sleek and stylish Jacquard fabric border, the Hospitality is not only comfortable as can be, but it is also aesthetically pleasing. And you would probably not believe us, but this entire mattress is compressed & rolled up. Once you’ve opened it and started sleeping on the Hospitality, it is advisable to rotate (not flip) the mattress once a month. This is to ensure that it provides you with quality rest for as long as possible.

To summarise the Kooi Hospitality Mattress:

  • Pure foam core
  • Comfort level: 2 Firm
  • High-density foam layering
  • Sleek finish
  • 110 kg per side weight capacity 
  • Comes in a plastic - compressed and rolled
  • 2-year guarantee
  • 15-year service warranty