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120 Night In-Home Comfort Trial
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Made for active people, by active people. The Kooi B-Series Plush Mattress was designed to relieve muscle tension and provide you with the perfect mix of comfort and support. The elegant mattress consists of a Bonnel spring core, surrounded by high-density, anti-allergenic pure foam layers that both strengthen the bed and minimize the growth of allergens like dust mites. It gets better. The entire sleep surface of the mattress is supported by horizontal posture bars, made from high-density foam, to strengthen the mattress. It also reduces the formation of permanent indentations on your sleep surface.

In addition, to add that extra soft feeling, the top of the mattress is fitted with a plush layer of memory foam that will mould perfectly to every contour of your body. Now wrap all of this in a luxuriously soft fire retardant cover and you have the perfect sleep system - the Kooi B-Series Plush Mattress.

The Plush mattress is excellent for side and back sleepers. If you enjoy the sensation of being hugged by your mattress, this one is definitely for you. The combination of memory foam, high-density pure foam, and the Bonnel coil system provides the ultimate in tension relief. Furthermore, the unique design of this bed allows for up to 150 kg per side.

Kooi pure foam is made from a modern foam formula that does not contain calcium as a filler. In other words, your Kooi mattress will not lose its shape or start sagging like other foam mattresses. Lastly, to back up that claim, the Kooi B-Series Plush comes with a cheeky three-year guarantee and a 20-year service warranty. 

To recap, Kooi B-Series Plush Mattress:

  • Bonnel Spring Core
  • High-density Foam Layering
  • Horizontal Posture Bars
  • Plush Memory Foam Top
  • Fire Retardant Cover
  • Plush Comfort Level
  • 150 kg per side
  • 3-year Guarantee
  • 20-year Service Warranty