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Mattress in a box is a new buzzword you might’ve heard of in the last few years. This innovative concept involves a compressed, flattened and rolled foam mattress placed in a rectangular box for safe and easy delivery and setup.

Kooibeds started out in 2006 as an innovative brand specifically dedicated to craft beds for busy enthusiasts in today’s society. With the dawn of Mattress in a Box, Kooibeds also released their take; The Kooi Pure Foam series, in 2018. With cutting edge manufacturing methods and innovative design, the Kooi Pure Foam range is warrantied to be the longest-lasting mattress in a box version of all time.

Why Kooi Pure Foam Mattress in a Box?

With so many other Mattress-in-a-Box brands out there, it’s understandable to feel a little overwhelmed in the shopping process. Luckily, Kooi Beds Pure Foam is a brand that distinguishes itself from all others with its outstanding characteristics. Kooi Beds Pure Foam Mattress in a Box is:

  • Unique in using Pure Foam
  • Easy to set up
  • Perfect for athletes and busy people
  • Straightforward in its range
  • Boasts with a 100-day free trial period
  • The longest warranty period out there

Unique to Kooi – Pure Foam

Pure foam is an innovative material that was developed to address the everlasting problem of all mattresses – sagging. To understand Pure Foam, you should first understand traditional high-density foam.

Traditional high-density foam

The quality of high-density foam is measured in its weight. Foam is an expensive product; that’s why true high-density foam mattresses tend to be much more expensive than their counterparts.

Due to this, manufacturers developed a solution to create heavy high-density foam for much cheaper – through calcium fillers. To increase the weight of high-density foam, calcium fillers were added into the foam of these mattresses.

This worked great, but there was still one problem – sagging. After a couple of years, the calcium-filled high-density foam would start to crumble and cause mattress sag.

Kooi Pure Foam

That is where Kooi Pure Foam comes in. The first ingredient that was eliminated from all Kooi mattresses were, you guessed it, calcium fillers. Even though this product makes for a much more affordable mattress, in the long run, you’ll be paying much more when you constantly have to replace your mattress.

Next, Kooi Pure Foam is compressed to the absolute extreme – over and over again. This process breaks down bubbles in the foam to prevent any mattress sagging in the future.

Therefore, you can see how mattress sagging is ultimately eradicated through these two processes in the manufacturing of Kooi Pure Foam.

Ease of setup

Next, Kooi Pure Foam mattress in a box is extremely easy to set up:

  • Carefully open the box (don’t puncture the bag inside!)
  • Unroll your Kooi Pure Foam mattress on the bed – white side up
  • Cut open the plastic that surrounds the compressed mattress
  • Watch how it expands (this part is very satisfying)

Your mattress will have expanded to its full capacity in 24 hours, but you can sleep on it right away!

Perfect for athletes

The Kooi Pure Foam range was specifically designed to aid in restorative rest for both athletes and busy people.

A soft upper foam layer allows for perfect back support and spinal alignment. Furthermore, this top comfort layer aids in superior support for the utmost comfort and muscle restoration while you sleep.

Hands changing weigths

Straightforward and easy

The KooiPure Foam range involves a straightforward range of mattresses. From the naming to the care, everything’s made easier for you!

Firstly, no fancy, confusing names are used in the three options of this range. They simply are Firm, Medium and Plush. To pick one that suits your needs, have a look at your sleeping style:

  • Kooi Pure Firm: Get this mattress if you tend to sleep on your stomach. Moreover, some back sleepers can benefit from this mattress.
  • Kooi Pure Medium: All sleeping styles will benefit from this mattress; back, side and stomach. This mattress is also great for use in the hospitality industry or guest rooms!
  • Kooi Pure Plush: Choose a plush mattress if you mostly like to sleep on your back. Side sleepers may also benefit from this mattress.

The Kooi Pure Foam mattresses are also super easy to keep clean and fresh! Should your mattress become dirty or stained, simply zip off the cover and pop it in the washing machine. After it’s washed and dry you can zip it back on again!

100-day free trial period

To make things even better, every Kooi Pure Foam mattress comes with a 100-day comfort trial period. This way, you’ll be able to make sure your mattress suits you and your sleeping style best!

Consequently, you’ll be able to try out one of the three Kooi Pure Foam mattresses to see if it fits your sleeping style. To qualify for this trial, simply purchase a waterproof mattress protector to keep your mattress pure and fresh!


Every Kooi Pure Foam mattress in a box comes with an extraordinary 20-year service warranty. That’s double an average mattress warranty! With a Kooi Pure mattress, you’ll be able to enjoy satisfying sleep and rest for 20+ years!

Get your own Kooi Mattress in a Box

As you can see, the choice is simple when it comes to choosing between Kooi and all the other mattress in a box variants out there. By combining utmost quality foam, caring comfort and the best support out there Kooi Pure mattresses dominate on all grounds.

As a busy, ambitious person, you deserve the best sleep structure to support your high-demand lifestyle. Click here to get your perfect bed today!