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The Kooi Pure Plush mattress combines four modern Foam Layers and an undeniably sleek design into a bed that represents the ultimate sleeping experience. These Layers provide reliability, comfort and a Plush Sleeping Surface that complements the rush of life perfectly. Aimed at high-performance athletes, the Pure Plush promises tension relief and body-contouring delight.

A minimalistic approach blended with modern design combines a grey and white Mattress with a charcoal base that will fit gracefully into any room. A removable and washable Mattress Cover guarantees enhanced peace of mind. Should the hazards of life intervene, remove the stained cover and throw in the washing machine.

The Kooi Pure Plush is a superior Mattress in a Box, a revolutionary Mattress that will change the way you sleep. This quality product is manufactured according to European Standards, and the four calcium-filler-free Foam Layers undergo strenuous compression tests.

Four Pure Foam Layers:

First Layer: High Resilience Foam for Comfort Layer

  • This Layer is situated on the top of the mattress and boosts durability and comfort.
  • Additionally, the High Resilience Foam Layer provides a bouncy sensation that adds extra delight to a comfortable sleeping experience.

Second Layer: Memory Foam Layer

  • This is the distinguishing factor between the Plush and Firm models. It is situated just below the High Resilience Foam Comfort Layer.
  • Furthermore, Memory Foam perfectly moulds to the body, providing a soft and tension relieving sleeping experience.

Third Layer: Medium Density Foam

  • Just above the foundation layer, we inserted the Medium Density foam Layer.
  • The supportive UF35 Medium Density Middle Layer of the Kooi Pure Plush is essential to the durability of the mattress. Furthermore, this Layer is integral to the structural support of the mattress.

Fourth Layer: High-Density Pure Foam

  • The Foundation Layer is made up of High-Density Pure Foam which acts as a support base. Unlike older mattresses with calcium fillers, Pure Foam will never decay, which ensures a smooth and supportive structure.

Advantages of Pure Foam

  • Pure Foam (calcium-filler-free) delivers a sag-free sturdy bed.
  • An improved and revolutionised mattress, developed for sleeping.
  • Built to last with ultra-durable foam, eliminating calcium-filler corrosion.
  • Delivers a mattress-in-a-box that will retain its shape.
  • Hypo-Allergenic - ideal for allergy sufferers.
  • Eco-Friendly.
  • Dust-Mite free.
  • Peace of Mind.

Comfort Rating ⅘ - Plush

Kooi’s Pure Plush mattress has a level Four out of Five Comfort Rating. So, this makes the Plush the softest bed in the Kooi Range.

Individual Sleeping Styles and Body Needs

Plush mattresses cater for individuals who prefer tension relief (tension can be related to muscular injuries or stiffness due to excessive exercise). A Four out of Five Comfort Rating mattress is suitable for all sleeping styles, but will not provide the lower back support associated with firmer models.

A Complete High-Performance Plush Mattress-In-a-Box

The Kooi Pure Plush is compressed, rolled up and tightly packaged in a rectangular box. With this packaging model, we subject the foam to its final compression test.

A Short Summary

  • Comfort Rating: ⅘ Plush
  • Ideal for Side and back sleepers who prefer tension relief
  • Four Pure Foam Layers
  • 3-Year Guarantee
  • 20-Year Service Warranty
  • Calcium Filler Free, Anti-Allergenic
  • Weight Capacity: 130kgs per Person per Side
  • No-Turn Pure Foam Mattress - Monthly Rotation Required
  • Zip-Off Removable and Washable Mattress Cover
  • 100-day Comfort Trial (Purchase a Mattress Protector to Qualify)

The Kooi Pure Plush Mattress is only a mouse click away. Simply place your order here.

100 Night In-Home Comfort Trial
100 Night In-Home Comfort Trial
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3 Year Guarantee