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Finding the middle ground is often the key to most of life’s challenges. When it comes to sleep, our solution is the Kooi Hybrid Medium. This bed is perfect for high-performance individuals who prefer a blend of our Plush and Firm models. The Hybrid Medium conforms to an equilibrium level of plush and firmness without compromising on quality.

The Hybrid Medium adopts a sleek and modern design that will blend seamlessly with the room in which it’s used. A 28 cm thick removable cover ensures a safety-first approach that will protect your new mattress. In addition, the Hybrid Medium is also a no-turn mattress.

The no-turn Hybrid Medium makes use of four modern Pure Foam Layers that work seamlessly together or the best night’s rest.

Four Pure Foam Layers:

First and Second Layer - High Resilience Pure Foam

  • The First Layer perfectly enhances your sleeping experience by providing a smooth sensation. It consists of 40mm of HR40 High Resilience Foam.
  • The second layer in the Hybrid Medium also consists of 40mm of Supersoft High Resilience Pure Foam. For this layer, we made use of UF35 Pure Foam.
  • These layers of High Resilience Pure Foam create the bouncy sensation that you experience when you sleep.

Third Layer: High-Density Pure Foam

  • The Third Layer consists of additional High-Density Pure Foam layer that supports Nested Pocket Springs.
  • Additionally, this 600mm UF33 Foam Layer acts as a support base for the two remaining layers.

Fourth Layer: Low Profile Pocket Springs

  • The Fourth Layer in the Hybrid Medium consists of Heavy-Duty, 65mm High Gauge Pocket Springs.
  • This Layer is responsible for the Medium Comfort feeling that is unique to the Hybrid Medium Kooi Bed.

Fifth Layer: Heavy Duty High Resilience Pure Foam

  • Lastly, the Final Layer consists of 65mm of UF33 Heavy Duty High Resilience Pure Foam. This Supportive Layer acts as the Supportive Base Layer for the Kooi Hybrid Medium.
  • This Heavy Pure Foam Layer ensures a solid foundation which compliments the rest of the mattress.

Mattress Border

To wrap it all up, the border of this brilliant Pure Foam Mattress is encased with a 65mm, UF33 Pure Foam Layer. This amazing Layer encases the mattress and acts as a stabilizer for the Springs and the rest of the Fused Foam Layers. Furthermore, it increases the sleeping surface and ensures minimal partner movement transfer.

The Advantages of Pure Foam

  • Pure Foam (calcium-filler-free) delivers a sag-free sturdy bed.
  • An improved and revolutionised mattress, developed for sleeping.
  • Built to last with ultra-durable foam, eliminating calcium-filler corrosion.
  • Delivers a mattress-in-a-box that will retain its shape.
  • Hypo-Allergenic - ideal for allergy sufferers.
  • Eco-Friendly.
  • Dust-Mite free.
  • Peace of Mind.

Comfort Rating ⅗ Medium

The Kooi Hybrid Medium has a level Three out of Five Comfort Rating. So, the Hybrid Medium is a comforting blend between the Pure Plush and the Pure Firm.

Individual Sleeping Styles and Body Needs

Medium Mattresses cater perfectly for all sleeping styles. Due to this reason, they are often the best guest bedroom mattresses. Medium Comfort Mattresses provide a level of support similar to that of a Firm Mattress while being soft enough for individuals who prefer sleeping on their sides. The Hybrid Medium is also the perfect option for couples who have contrasting taste in Comfort Levels, combining the best of both worlds.

A Complete High-Performance Plush Mattress-In-a-Box

The Kooi Hybrid Medium Bed is carefully rolled up and placed in a long, square box. With this packaging model, we subject the Foam to its final compression test.


  • Comfort Rating: ⅗ Plush
  • Ideal for all Sleeping Styles
  • Four Pure Foam Layers + 1 low Profile Pocket Spring Layer
  • 3-Year Guarantee
  • 20-Year Service Warranty
  • Calcium Filler Free, Anti-Allergenic
  • Weight Capacity: 130kgs per Person per Side
  • No-Turn Pure Foam Mattress - Monthly Rotation Required
  • Zip-Off Removable and Washable Mattress Cover
  • 100-day Comfort Trial (Purchase a Mattress Protector to Qualify)
  • Mattress in a Box

The Kooi Hybrid Medium Mattress is only a mouse click away. Simply place your order here.

100 Night In-Home Comfort Trial
100 Night In-Home Comfort Trial
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3 Year Guarantee
3 Year Guarantee