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120 Night In-Home Comfort Trial
120 Night In-Home Comfort Trial
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Product Description

Your Very Own Sleep Monitor

At Kooi, we love enhancing your experience with our products. We pride ourselves with the ability to empower you with as much comfort and sleep knowledge possible.

State of The Art and Pinpoint Accuracy

A Sleep Monitor is only as good as its convenience of use as well as accuracy. The Sleepace RestOn Sleep Monitor combines modern tech and simplistic comfort into a non-wearable product that provides seamless Sleep Data. The implication is that your nights are tracked and monitored by a product you can trust.

The Sleepace RestOn Device is the most accurate Sleep Monitor ever - rivalling the accuracy of actual medical devices. Furthermore, the Device consists of a 2mm thin belt with a sleek 2-foot medical-grade sensor embedded in the machine. To further improve accuracy, the Monitor is strategically placed under your upper body area during sleep. Due to the monitor’s proximity to your vitals and extra-large impact area,  accuracy is enhanced significantly. Lastly, this Monitor employs revolutionary algorithms to distinguish between each data-set clearly.

Sleep Quality Analysis

We live in an age where statistics are becoming more relevant by the day. The RestOn Sleep Monitor will provide you with all of the information needed to put your sleep into perfect context. The Device boasts with qualities such as monitoring Real-Time Heart-Rate and Respiratory Rate, as well as capturing comprehensive Sleep Score Data. Furthermore, Sleep Duration, Breathing and Heart Rate are simultaneously measured to provide accurate Sleep Quality Data. Lastly, the SleepDot also analyses how many times you wake up, leave the bed or get disturbed during your sleep. Ultimately, the device combines all of the above mentioned statistics into data that you can analyse with completely trust.

Sleep Consultant at Home

Another great feature about the Sleepace RestDot is that it acts as a Personal Sleep Consultant. Every sleep report is analysed with scientific evaluation and intelligent analysis to provide you with tips and suggestions galore. In the app, you’ll find advice on Exercise, Diets and Sleep Habits all tailored to your Sleep Data. Follow the information to see how your Sleep Score will improve.

Sharing is Caring

As a bonus, The Sleepace’s App is connected to a Family Sharing Account. Within Family Sharing, you can Track, Compare and Analyse the Sleep Data of your family members. This is especially handy in households where one or more member struggles with health or sleep. Parents can significantly benefit from assessing the sleeping patterns of their children, which translates into a happier and healthier family environment.


  • Device 4.1x3.5x0.4 inches
  • Sensor Band 34.6x2.6x0.08 inches
  • Weight 0.33Ib
  • Battery 1500mAh Lithium-ion Polymer Battery
  • Battery life Up to 30 days
  • Bluetooth V4.0
  • Wireless Range 33ft
  • System Android 4.3 or later, iOS7 or later